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The story of Adirondack Star Ridge began back in the fall of 1998 when we were traveling through the High Peaks region of the Adirondack Mountains for a weekend getaway.  A photo of a realtor's ad spoke to us and we ventured to find the location with captivating views.  Little did we know at that time how following the inner small voice was the beginning of positive life changes for us and those who came to experience Star Ridge. The moment we set foot on the 30 acre property we had a tremendous sense of having arrived somewhere truly special.  Each step forward along the then logging road brought about a greater sense of excitement and inner peace.  When we reached the ridge and took in the majesty of the mountains before us, time stood still and we were one with our true nature.   Words are inadequate to express the experience.  In that instant the vision of Adirondack Star Ridge was conceived and the labor of love to share what we experienced began. 


Shortly after our decision to become stewards of the land, we were faced with many many life challenges.  The mountain became our sanctuary where we restored, renewed and healed from life's demands. The energy of the land and nature at its best sustained us through the dark nights of our souls. Our commitment and vision to share Star Ridge as a Divine Sanctuary grew.  It was obvious Star Ridge is part of a thread that connects us all to one another in the bigger picture of life and people would be called to experience the property.


From land that had no power or running water and only a narrow logging trail, today what is known as Star Ridge has 4 distinct accommodations to support the varied needs of our guests. The Cottage is perfect for couples, friends or a family.  Little Star offers a great upscale camping experience in the comfort and convenience of one room tucked in the forest.  The octagonal Studio is versatile and aside from offering  surreal mountain top lodging, it has been used for a variety of needs, such as group retreats, meditation hall, lecture space, Reiki Circles, Sathsang, prayer sessions with our Swamiji and our Tibetan Monk friend.  The Energy is awesome.  The special features available on the ridge are a unique outdoor hot water shower with great mountain views and also an upscale, heated and tiled outhouse with a view.  The Ensuite offers  private space with home like comfort and convenience for a lone traveler or a couple.  The multi-sensory experience of rain on the steel roof, song birds, aroma of the surrounding forest, breath taking views and  mountain breezes are magically delicious. 


Because Adirondack Star Ridge offers a 180 degree (SW, W & NW) view of the High Peaks and Whiteface Mountain, the majestic scene makes for a surreal experience at sunrise and sunset. Starry nights and meteor showers are common sights around the bonfire, (conditions permitting).  It's also a great opportunity to share travel and life stories with other guests and make new friends.  Since 2004, Star Ridge has hosted guests from 6 continents and over 50 countries.  Countless guests have had the opportunity to relax, retreat, renew and experience moments that will last a life time.


We look forward to hosting new as well as repeat guests on Star Ridge and continue weaving the stories that make up the fabric of life. Read previous guests' reviews and learn what others had to say.



Mini & Mike 

Retreat - Rest - Renew

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